My name is Vanessa. I am a self-taught multidisciplinary artist and screenwriter. Thank you for stopping by my site. 

I grew up in Winnipeg where, as a teenager, I spent much time Irish Dancing and obsessively cutting pictures out of magazines.

As a young adult I re-located to Vancouver and after dedicating years to recovering from depression and bulimia, I began to find a love of creativity.

Now, I use art to continually investigate personal paradigms as well as those of wider society, I have a particular interest in the brain, censorship, addiction, consumerism, body image, gender, identity and, when I'm not taking myself too seriously, humour. 

It is my goal to inspire others to question and transform their own beliefs that limit them from connecting with themselves, others, and enjoying the present moment.

When not in Vancouver enjoying friendships, nature and creating art, I can often be found gathering inspiration in sunny Los Angeles.

If you would like to drop me a line and tell me what inspires you please click here.

Exhibition History

2015 Group Exhibition, Studio East, Vancouver, BC

2014 Group Exhibition, Inspiral Mansion, Vancouver, BC

2014 Group exhibition, Sea Compression, Seattle, WA

2014 Group Exhibition, The Waldorf, Vancouver, BC

2013, Group Exhibition, Chapel Arts, Vancouver, BC

2013, Group Exhibition, Wise Hall, Vancouver, BC


Private collections in Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Winnipeg.

Body Brain

What are your body thoughts?